Application Specific SoCs(4)

M031 Series

Nuvoton NuMicro® M031/M032 series is 32-bit microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M0 CPU with 32-bit hardware multiplier/divider. It features 1.8V ~ 3.6V operating voltage, 5V I/O tolerant, running up to 48/72 MHz within - 40~105 ℃ .

M031 series provides a solution for the applications that need 1.8V low-voltage interface connection with enhanced fast 2 MSPS conversion rate 12-bit ADC , comparators and up-to 24-ch 96/144 MHz PWM control, providing a fast and precise data conversion for the voltage, current, and sensor data, then fast response control to the external device. Additionally, M031/32 series also provides plenty of peripherals included Universal Serial Control Interface ( USCI ) can be set as UART / SPI / I²C flexibly, up to 10 sets of UART , 4 sets of SPI , 4 set I²C , 1-wire UART interface for data communication between master and slave devices.

M031 series provides Flash size from 16 KB to 512 KB , SRAM size from 2 KB to 96 KB . Supported packages from small form factor TSSOP20, TSSOP28, QFN33, LQFP48 to LQFP 64 and LQFP128 with pin-compatible for different part number makes the system design and change parts easily.

Part Numbers with M032 series are all based on M031 series and enhanced with crystal-less USB 2.0 full-speed device feature for USB related application.

For the development, Nuvoton provides the NuMaker evaluation boards and Nuvoton Nu-Link debugger. 3rd Party IDE is supported such as Keil MDK, IAR EWARM, Eclippse IDE with GNU GCC compilers etc.

Target Application:

  • Laser Distance Meter
  • Air Detector/Cleaner
  • Mobile LCD Panel Controller
  • IoT Sensing Device
  • Micro Printer
  • Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
  • WPC Wireless Charger


Key Features:

Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range:  1.8V to 3.6V
  - Temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ +105 ℃
  - EFT 4.4 kV
  - ESD HBM 6 kV
  - Arm® Cortex®-M0 running up to 48/72 MHz
  - 32-bit H/W multiplier/divider
  - Up to 512 KB Flash 
  - Up to 96 KB SRAM
  Up to 8 KB Flash for user program loader  ( LDROM )
  ISP / ICP / IAP programming
  - 512 bytes/2 KB SPROM ( Security Protection ROM )
  - Dual-Bank for Over-The-Air ( OTA ) upgrade
  - 4 to 32 MHz HXT crystal oscillator or external input clock
  - 32.768 kHz LXT crystal oscillator or external input clock for low-power system operation
  - Internal 48 MHz HIRC oscillator with variation ± 2 % within all temperature range
  - Internal 38.4 kHz LIRC for Low-power operating mode
  - One PLL up to 96/144 MHz for high speed module operation
Power management
  - Integrated with Power-on Reset, Brown-out Detect and Low Voltage Reset
  - Normal run: 180 μA/ MHz
  - Power-down: 12 μA
  - Support wake up from power-down mode by: ACMP, GPIO, WDT, TIMER, UART , USCI, I²C , SPI , WWDT, ADC , PDMA, PWM , USBD
  - Support IEC60730 safety specifications
  - Up to four 32-bit timers
  - 96/144 MHz 16-bit PWM ( Up to 24 channels )
  - One 24-bit SysTick timer
  - One Independent watchdog
  - One window watchdog
  - RTC with Calendar and Alarm
  - Up to 9 channels
  - Supports IEC60730 safety specifications
  - CRC-CCITT, CRC-8, CRC-16 and CRC-32 polynomials
  - Up to 16 channels 12-bit 2 MSPS ADC
  - Two rail-to-rail comparators ( ACMP )
Communication interfaces
  - Up to 4-set of 6 MHz UART interfaces
  - Up to 4-set of  UART for simple Tx/Rx operation
  - 2-set of 1 MHz I²C interfaces
  - 1-set of 24 MHz SPI /I²S interface
  - Up to 1-set of Quad SPI
  - Up to 2-set of USCI interfaces that support  UART , SPI and I²C mode
  - Up to 1-set External Bus Interface ( EBI ) supports 8-/16-bit data with maximum external address space of 1M Bytes
  - Up to 111 GPIO ( except analog pins, Support 5V tolerant I/O )
Advanced Communication Interface
  - USB 2.0 full speed device with on-chip PHY ( Support Crystal-less )
96-bit Unique ID ( UID )
128-bit Unique Customer ID ( UCID )

Note : Only for 256/512 KB Devices