Application Specific SoCs(243)

NuMaker Maker Platform

The NuMaker Maker Platform is a development platform for IoT applications. For these users who would like to quickly design innovative IoT applications, users can use these modular modules and mobile APP to implement their expected functions. The NuMaker Maker Platform supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications. So far, Nuvoton offers three kinds of NuMaker Maker Platforms which includes NuMaker Brick, NuMaker Uni, and NuMaker Tomato what focus on sensors and gateway applications.


The NuMaker Brick is an open source IoT platform including a combination of sensors and module which can work independently or be arranged in any order. Monitoring and the adjustment of parameter settings can be done via the NuBrick App on either Android or iOS based mobile devices or tablet computers.


The NuMaker Tomato is a single board computer (SBC) with simple layout. It adopts the developer-friendly open source environment, and runs on the Linux operating system. It is embedded with the 32-bit ARM926EJ-S NUC976DK62Y processor core which runs up to 300 MHz. Tomato supports Python interpreters, allowing users to generate scripts and program codes directly without the need of a compiler. It is the perfect solution for makers to create various types of customized router or geteway applications.

NuMaker Uni

The NuMaker Uni leaves 20 multifunctional pins unprogrammed to allow more flexibility in design. In low power mode, it consumes less than 1µ of electricity. With small dimensions of 3.5cm by 3.5cm, it is especially suitable for wearable devices.It integrates the 802.11 b/g/n WiFi module and bluetooth module.


The NuMaker-PFM-M2351 is a development board based on NuMicro®-M2351 microcontroller. Nuvoton NuMicro® M2351 secure microcontroller series is empowered by Arm® Cortex®-M23 core with TrustZone® for Armv8-M architecture, which elevates the traditional firmware security to the new level of robust software security.

These M2351 microcontrollers with low-power running up to 64 MHz frequency with up to 512 K-bytes embedded flash memory in dual bank mode supporting secure OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware update and up to 96 K-bytes embedded SRAM. Furthermore, the M2351 series also provides high-performance connectivity peripheral interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C, GPIOs, USB and ISO 7816-3 for the smart card reader. Its secure and low-power features strengthen the innovation of IoT security.


Nuvoton Technology provides industrial IoT development platform using NUC980DK61Y microprocessor, which is an industrial IoT open platform, including complete hardware design and software reference design. The platform is powered by Nuvoton ARM9 MPU with a 300 MHz internal speed and 64 MB DDR memory, single 10/100 Ethernet port, 2 high-speed USB hosts, 1 Gb SPI NAND Flash memory, microphone input, stereo headphone output and Arduino compatible interface. The platform supports embedded Linux OS which provides all IoT protocols you need, such as AWS Client / MQTT / Web Server, etc., users can use this platform to quickly develop a plenty of IoTapplications.


Nuvoton provides industrial network control development platform using NUC980DK61Y microprocessor, which is a set of industrial network control development platform, complete hardware design and software reference design. It includes the new ARM9 MPU with core speed up to 300 MHz and built-in 64 MB DDR memory, two 10 / 100 Ethernet ports, two high-speed USB hosts, 128 Mb SPI NOR Flash storage device, two RS-485 interfaces, and eight UARTs. Platform provides Linux OS and a plenty of industrial control protocol for users to implement the Ethernet control applications in a very short time.